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Sandipani Gurukul, Kudawali, Devrukh is an orphanage
There are total 20 students. Donors help these children in various forms like giving them clothes, shoes, chappals, raincoats, books, blankets, sport materials, school kits etc..

Students are very bright. Taking education from nearby schools in Marathi medium. Needy boys who are orphan or having single parents can be accommodating in this Gurukul. Our trustee Mrs. Rekha Joshi and Mr. Sudhir Joshi visit this gurukul very year.

In the Sandipani Ashram, these students have taught making “Annulose fertilizer” in a leisure time. And same is used for the garden and trees in premises.

orphanage camp orphanage camp orphanage camp orphanage camp
Donate E-Learning system
With the help of Rotary club we donate E-Learning system in two schools in Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg Dist. orphanage camp orphanage camp

Distribution of cycles in Palghar Dist. Schools
Trust is collecting donations for distribution of cycles in Palghar Dist. Schools. Few donors help us giving six cycles in Swara Arts programme. These cycles were hand over by well known Cricketer Mr. Ajit Wadekar.
Support in form of cycles to children who are required to walk to school daily over 5 to 10 Km.

The daily distance from home to school travelled to and fro is from 5 Km. per day to as far as 26 Km. per day in few cases. Where distance exceeds 18 or more children have to travel by auto rickshaw which is well beyond their means. It also impacts their school attendance. orphanage camp

Outstanding SSC Result:
A Maths teacher from Mahim BMC School retired & no teacher was provided by Education Department to school. medical campThe students who were already weak in the Maths were now left with no coaching at all. Saunvardhan Pratishthan, request from the Principal appointed Mr. Ganesh Prabhu who did an excellent job by giving them special coaching during & after school hours. The SSC results that year was outstanding not only the percentage of students passed was 72% but, most of the students scored well in Maths subject that year.

A girl student, who was unable to attend the school as she had to help her mother ,since her mother worked as a maid , attended the school annual function organized by Saunvardhan Pratishthan. She was keen in taking part in the dance competition of the function, seeing her enthusiasm she was allowed to perform and to every body's surprise she danced so well and even won the prize. medical camp She requested Saunvardhan Pratishthan to arrange some similar functions where the students can show their talent, and also requested the organisation to distribute few books which can help her to develop her dancing hobby. Seeing her interest in the field Saunvardhan Pratishthan encouraged her to join dance classes and the fees for the same were borne by the organisation(Saunvardhan Pratishthan - SP)This encouragement enabled her to built confidence in herself.

Carpentry as hobby to professional carpentry ,And a source livelihood:
Subhash Mehetre a physically challenged boy passed out from Adarsh Vidya Mandir, village: Sangmeshwar in Konkan region .He could not pursue any employment since he was physically challenged. He occasionally carried carpentry work at which he was good. FPAIFPAISaunvardhan Pratishthan wanted to donate benches to the school of that village. The villagers mentioned about Subhash Mehetre and his interest in carpentry job.... So to encourage Subhash in his carpentry work, Saunvardhan Pratishthan decided to give him the job of making benches, as a means to make himself reliant. SP not only saved freight charges but also got good quality benches and that too much cheaper from Subhash Mehetre. Today he gets orders for carpentry from other source too. In short SP was the one who encouraged Subhash to earn his livelihood in a better way and to stand on his own legs.

Prabhanvalli Adarsh VidyaMandir

Mallakhamb the ancient form of Indian gymnastics is a sport, struggling to survive. Very traditional, & economical, yet most of us today are barely aware of it. medical camp

Saunvardhan Pratishthan wants to promote Mallakhamb activity at school in rural & Mumbai BMC school. Saunvardhan Pratishthan gave Mallakhamb to Prabhanwalli School. It not only became a popular sport among the boys of that village but in a year time they could participate in Mallakhamb sport at Dist. Level

Counseling remedial measure for problem child:

Dr. AmitKulkarni D.P.M. Psychiatrist was appointed in year 2009 to help slow & challenged children by counseling &interacting both with the parents & students. There was one such Happy friendly active obedient child who was absolutely normal. Suddenly became quiet depressed & also withdrew himself from all activities became reticent with no studies & no play. Reason, the boy’s mother who was a widow decided to remarry. That was the reason, child was suffering from Psychological stress and disorder.
medical camp medical camp

Measure taken :

The boy’s mother was called. Some remedial measures were taken. Today, mother & child both are staying together happily. The boy is absolutely normal & pursuing the studies.

Building Confidence:

Many girls were weak in their studies & so were not given adequate attention by their parents. Saunvardhan Pratishthan retrieved the names of such students & asked them to attend a Rangoli, Craft, Sewing… etc workshops. Their hidden talent was noticed, their art was approached, they got attention & the result was amazing and they got self confidence and even did well in their studies.
medical camp medical camp medical camp